Each year the club coaches have the difficult job of choosing skaters for each of the year end awards. Below are the most recent award winners.  For descriptions of the award criteria see (Annual Award Descriptions)

McChesney Ethan Cepuran Brianne Molenda
All Around Award Jersey Chytla Hannah Bosman
Most Improved

Aiden Lewis

Isabella Main
Rookie of the Year

Evan Flaherty

John Reiter

Team Spirit Jarrod Ward Janet Naess
Jack Zambunni Jon Aquino Isabella Main
Penguin Percentage Award

Aidan Dejuras

Gavin Dejuras

Maddox Dejuras

Ava Strugala

Anna Lees

International Award

Ethan Cepuran

Austin Kleba

Michael Koenig

Brandon Molenda

Hannah Bosman

Nathan Lee

Michael Koenig

Ynez Toth

Ava Strugala

Resiliance Sam Ross Chris O'Toole
ASAI Official

Brian Molenda

Gordon Cepuran

Most Valuable Coach (MVC)   Kris Chytla
Bandage Me Elmo Greg Burnett  



2014-2015 MEN'S   NAME LADY'S   NAME
McChesney Michael Koenig Melissa Koenig
All Around Award Greg Burnett Janelle Standinger
Most Improved Ethan Cepuran Hannah Bosman
Rookie of the Year Austin Kleba

Tara Valentino

Kimani Grayson

Team Spirit Jan Erik Naess Anke Prinsen
Jack Zambunni Michael Koenig  Anke Prinsen 
Penguin Percentage Award

Jersey Chytla

Sam Ross

Ava Strugala

Angy Ajroja

International Award Brandon Molenda Sarah Warren
Jaclyn Rowe

Jon Aquino

Aidan Lewis




2013-2014 MEN'S   NAME LADY'S   NAME
McChesney Michael Koenig Leila Cook
All Around Award

Jan Erik Naess

Ethan Cepuran

Janelle Standinger
Most Improved Ethan O'Toole Brianne Molenda
Rookie of the Year

Jarrod Ward

Logan Sardina


Team Spirit Tony Sardina Donna Ward
Jack Zambunni Brandon Molenda (9.53) Hannah Bosman (10.19)
Penguin Percentage Award

Henrik Naess (21.8%)

Ryan Olijynk (14.3%)

Luci Cook (29.9%)

Lorelei Cook (18.4%)

International Award Brandon Molenda Sarah Warren
Jaclyn Rowe



2015-2016 National Club Champions in Both Short Track and Long Track

  • lakeellyn_bw
  • USSTTeam
  • pettit
  • shani

Come and Join Us

The Glen Ellyn Speedskating Club is the LARGEST speedskating club in the country.  We have twice been the Club National Champions in Long Track and once in Short Track.  4 of the 10 athletes who represented the US at the Junior World Championships in Helsinki this past February got their start with us.

The Glen Ellyn Speedskating Club includes skaters of all ages, abilities, and interest levels: From recreational skaters who enjoy the cardio workout and club environment to skaters who have Olympic and World Team aspirations.  This past year the Members of the club include 4 Junior World Team members, numerous National Champions (in all age groups), and numerous skaters who are ranked in the top 10 in the country for their age groups.

Want to join the fun?  Register for one of our 2 Week Introduction to Speedskating Classes.  https://asai.wufoo.com/forms/gess-intro-registration/

These special summer 2 week classes are designed to introduce skaters to the sport of Speedskating.  Participants will learn proper speedskating body position, work on overall skating technique and will be introduced to the fundamentals of racing. Upon completion of the three week course participants will be eligible to enroll in one of our Club Programs.  Whenever possible skaters will be grouped by both age and ability.

Cost is $50
Sessions start at 3:15 and end at approximately 5:00pm on Sundays.
Please register using our online form above. Thank You!

Our Programs

Special Summer 2 Week Intro To Speed Skate:  (required for skaters new to the sport of speedskating) - -  

Designed to introduce the new skater and skaters from all walks to learn the basics of speed skating ($50 for two weeks includes temporary membership with US Speedskating, and skate rental).  This class meets from 3:15 - 5:00pm* on Sundays  (3:15-3:40pm dryland warm-up with skaters taking the ice 3:50-5:00pm). * Arrive at the rink by 3pm for the first week to be fitted for speed skates.  

  • Spring/Summer I (4/30 & 5/7)
  • Spring/Summer II (6/4 & 6/11)
  • Spring/Summer III (7/9 & 7/16)
  • Spring/Summer IV (8/6 & 8/13)


Click here for Registration form

Spring and Summer Speedskating Sessions: 

During the spring and summer months, the club skaters (from beginners to advanced) spend time focusing on the technical aspects of skating.  Sessions are spread out throughout the Spring/Summer season and are from 3:15-5:00 on Sundays.  Skaters are grouped according to ability level and all skaters share the same sheet of ice. Skaters from all clubs are welcome to attend - all athletes must have a current US Speedskating membership to participate 

Eight dates to choose from 4/30, 5/7, 6/4, 6/11, 7/9, 7/16, 8/6, 8/13

  • All 8 - $180 paid in advance (10% savings)
  • Any 4 - $95 paid in advance (5% savings)
  • Walk-on rate - $25/session


Click here for Registration form


Spring and Summer Powerskating Sessions:  

Developed for hockey players looking to take their game to the next level these sessions will incorporate drills used by speedskaters to harness your core speed and power.  Sessions start with an off-ice warm-up and are followed by an ice session.  Athletes are welcome to wear their hockey equipment - at the minumum all athletes must wear long pants, long sleeves, gloves and a helmet.

Eight dates to choose from 4/30, 5/7, 6/4, 6/11, 7/9, 7/16, 8/6, 8/13

  • All 8 - $180 paid in advance (10% savings)
  • Any 4 - $95 paid in advance (5% savings)
  • Walk-on rate - $25/session



Dryland Training Sessions: 

Summer is the time to build the athlete's aerobic base, work on balance and agility and have fun with your teammates. We meet at Lake Ellyn on the track north of (behind) the High School. Pre-pay for all sessions ($60/family) now! The walk on rate is $5/session/family and is payable at the session (cash/check only). Bring the whole family. The more family members who participate and the more sessions you come to - the better the value!  

Dryland is Sunday 5:30-7:30, (those coming directly from Sunday ice start at 5:45 after the dynamic run) and Wednesday 6:30-8:30.  

The first Wednesday is May 17th; First Sunday is May 21st - Last Wednesday is August 30th; Last Sunday is August 27th.  We also ask that you bring one non-perishable item for the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry to each session

 Click Here for Registration Form




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